Make pricing easy.

Are you ready to stop wasting time wondering how much to charge for every order that comes in?

Are you tired of trying to decide if you are actually making any money, or worse, losing money?

Are you ready to stop pricing based on feelings and start charging what you’re actually worth?

The Bakery Product Pricing Calculator takes all the guess work out of creating quotes so you can get them done quickly and accurately so you can guarantee the success of your business!

Here's what you get with the Bakery Product Pricing Calculator

Full Instructions

Step by step instructions to explain exactly how to customize the calculator and make it your own.

Pricing Calculator

An Excel Workbook with all the formulas necessary for quickly and accurately figuring prices for every product.
Includes wages and sales tax calculations.

Quick Quote Calculator

The Quick Quote Calculator allows you to conveniently record each recipe and its cost all in one place so you can plug-in prefigured totals to quickly create future quote.

Everyone knows a truly successful business must know the cost of every item that goes into producing their products. You can’t make a profit if you don’t know how much you have invested in supplies and if you aren’t paying yourself for your time! Guarantee your future success with quick, accurate pricing with the Bakery Product Pricing Calculator!

No software to install or complicated programs to learn. Everything is done right in a downloadable Excel Workbook!

Grab your time saving Bakery Product Pricing Calculator for the introductory price of only $26!

Looking for even more time saving tools?

Introducing Fully Customizable Bakery Forms


What you get with Fully Customizable Bakery Forms

Order Form

Consultation Form

Delivery Release Form

Liability Release Form

Wedding Cake Contract

Base Pricing sheet

Servings Guide

Order Terms

Baking/ Shopping List

Order Summary Form

Cutting Guide Instructions

Packaging Liability Waiver

Edit and Customize to your heart's content inside Canva!

Canva is a free website (premium paid version available) that allows you to edit fonts, colors, images, text, and add your own logo. You can make as many changes as you need, make new copies, add pages, save as PDF files for easy printing, and much more!

When you purchase the templates in the Bakery Forms bundle you can customize them to match your existing brand or use them as they are if you don’t have a brand established or just like the style!

All the hard work is already done for you inside the Bakery Forms bundle. Simply insert your business name where it applies, add your contact details, and insert days/dates that fit your terms. Or change any of the wording and terms as needed as many times as needed!

Everything has been thought of within these forms, all you need to do is the fun part of customizing!

Purchase your fully customizable Bakery Forms for the introductory price of only $17!

Save $8 when you buy both for only$35!

No refunds for digital products. All sales final. Please be sure you have basic knowledge of Excel and have access to Excel or Google Docs in order to use the calculator. Some formulas may not work properly if you are not using Excel. is a free website, however, they do offer a paid version and you may need to subscribe to use premium features. These products are for informational use only and are not legally binding and have not been reviewed by a lawyer or accountant. These downloads are for personal use only and may not be shared or sold. 

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