7 Modern Buttercream Flowers Tutorials

In case you missed it, buttercream flowers are back!

Big time!

Gone are the days of supermarket roses; we are now in the time of modern buttercream flowers. These new modern buttercream flowers can often be mistaken for real, fresh flowers. They’re beautiful,elegant, and can add just right touch to any cake.

But how do you make them?

Well, check out this list of tutorials to learn exactly how!

1. The Best Stiff Buttercream Recipe

You can’t get started with modern buttercream flowers without a great buttercream for piping them. Here’s a simple recipe from Veena Azmanov to get you started. If you’ve already got a favorite recipe, make sure you follow these tips to take your buttercream over the top.

The Best Stiff Buttercream Frosting Recipe for Piping Flowers by Veena Azmanov


2. The Craftsy Blog: Simple Way to Make Frosting Flowers

Learn how to make frosting flowers with a modern twist on Craftsy!

The Simple Way to Make Frosting Flowers With a Modern Flair


3. Buttercream Peonies, Romantic Ruffled Flowers, and Buds


4. Buttercream Chrysanthemums and Berries Flower Wreath Cake

Cakes Decor Tutorial by Olga Zaytseva


5. Buttercream Dahlia 

Buttercream Dahlia Flower
Buttercream Dahlia Flower Tutorial by Wilton


6. Four Buttercream Flowers Tutorials

4 Buttercream Flowers
Buttercream Flowers Tutorials by Wilton


7. Trendy Buttercream Flowers

How to pipe buttercream peonies by Juniper Cakery

The Trendy Buttercream Flowers Every Cake Decorator Should Know How to Make


There you have 7 fun tutorials to help you get started with this beautiful trend! Just remember, like everything else, practice makes perfect, so don’t expect to be an expert on the first try!

Don’t forget all the tools you’ll need to create these gorgeous flowers.

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