The Best Places to Buy Bakery Supplies

When just starting out it seems almost impossible to find out where to buy bakery supplies.  I remember when I decided to open a storefront I searched high and low before I found a few mentions of suppliers.  It was nearly impossible, almost like the supply companies didn’t want you to find them!

So I thought I’d make it a little easier on you and list the companies I either ordered from or contacted about ordering from when I had my shop.  Some of these suppliers require an application and approval, as well as a commercial address for delivery, to order from them, but for the most part anyone can order. I will list which companies have these requirements.

Bulk Ingredients/Premade Products


This is a supplier I personally used.  You will be assigned a sales representative who will be your source of contact. My rep was great! He called me on a weekly basis to ask if I needed an order. Believe it or not, without his calls, I’d have forgotten to order supplies on many occasions! 

This company offers so many products you will be blown away.  Everything from bulk mixes, to frozen premade desserts, to tubs of icings and flavorings.  Your rep will do a wonderful job of letting you know all about the items that may benefit you. One of the nice things about ordering from a company like BakeMark is there’s no additional shipping costs as it’s shipped freight.

When I purchased from this company, it was required you have a minimum order of $500 and a commercial delivery address. This company delivers with a semi truck so be prepared to have a place for the driver to unload. Be sure you contact them to find out if their policies have changed, as I noticed they’ve added a “Home Baker” option to their Type of Operation section on their contact form.

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

I’ve never personally purchased from this website, but it’s another company similar to BakeMark. They offer everything from ingredients to premade products to packaging and equipment. 

I’m not certain of their policies as I’ve not used them personally, so be sure to contact them for that information. 



This is one of my absolute favorite stores to order from!  It has everything you could ever need when it comes to packaging and disposables.

I ordered boxes, to go containers, cupcake liners, baking pans, cake boards, cleaning supplies, napkins, storage containers, and many more items from this site.  The prices are very competitive and they have a huge inventory. They even have bakery equipment! 

One thing to take into consideration though, is shipping.  This company ships using UPS, FedEx, and the like.

Something I like about this company is you are able to order less than bulk quantities on most items. You can order small quantities, but the shipping may end up costing you more than you’d like on small orders.  Be sure you consider this when figuring your prices on your products!

Paper Mart

Paper Mart is a great online resource for packaging, ribbon, stickers, boxes, bags, and more that I have used personally. They have lots of pretty designs beyond just white or plain cardboard. 

You can order bulk quantities or small quantities from them, but again, keep your shipping costs in mind. 

Plastic Container City

Another site I personally used to purchase products from is Plastic Container City.  This company has nearly everything you need when it comes to packaging.  They have paper and plastic options at competitive prices.  I also appreciated the fact that you can order bulk or small quantities. Shipping is a factor however as they ship with UPS, FedEx and the like. 

Fondant/Specialty Items/Tools


I absolutely love using Amazon because if you have a Prime membership you get 2 day free shipping and discounted overnight shipping.  I can not tell you how many times my Prime membership has saved me because I’ve forgotten to order a special tool or run out of gold dust.  I don’t really have to introduce you to this company because everyone knows about them, but I couldn’t leave them off this list as they’ve been such a lifesaver for me! What’s really cool is you can even try the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

It’s 30 days and you’ve got nothing to lose! I took full advantage of my 30 days when I did my free trial until I was ready to commit to the membership.  You can pay monthly (slightly higher cost, but you can cancel anytime) or save a little money and pay annually. 

This is a great place to buy things like fondant because they also have a subscribe and save option on many fondant brands. The subscribe and save option also saves you on shipping if you don’t have a Prime membership.


This is another company that needs no introduction.  But I wanted to include it on the list because you can get so many tools for great discounted prices.  If you are okay with waiting a little longer to receive your items you can get most tools for a fraction of the cost as buying from a store. 

I have purchased everything from flower tool kits to Russian piping tips to luster dust from Ebay sellers.  It’s a great resource that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s also a great place to buy used or new bakery equipment from commercial to home kitchen items.

Now you have a great starting point for all your bakery supply needs! Whether you operate from home or a storefront, these companies can provide you with anything you may need!

Let me know in the comments about any supply companies you use and the kind of experience you’ve had purchasing from them.

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