30+ Cupcake Flavor Ideas

When I had my storefront, I found one of the most difficult things to come up with was new, exciting cupcake flavors.  People are very fickle and get bored easily, so you need to be armed and ready with some creative flavors. Here is a list of 30+ popular cupcake flavor ideas you can use in your own bakery, whether it be at home or in a shop, or even just to use at a bake sale or take to a potluck.

This list of 30+ cupcakes flavors is out of over 100 I used in my shop. It was actually a cake shop (it was even called a “cakery”) but we kept at least 9-12 flavors of fresh baked cupcakes in the case out front for daily sales.  Most people in town thought we were just a cupcake shop because we were quite locally “famous” for our cupcakes.  I found that people tend to really like what is familiar.  I kept a few traditional flavors on the menu everyday and those always sold out. Hey, you do know the number one selling ice cream flavor is Vanilla, right?!

 I must apologize ahead of time for the pictures.  I was so busy with running the business end of things that I never took the time to get any professional photos done of my products . So, because of that, I am forced to use the Instagram pictures my front end employees used to post our daily flavors.  And for that I’m sorry! 🙁 There also may be some repeats in these pictures, as I said, I always had a few daily regulars. I will say, even though the photos aren’t so great, they still show just how yummy our cupcakes were!

30+ Cupcake Flavor Ideas

Top Row: Butter Pecan; Apple Pie

Bottom Row: Chocolate Dipped Banana; Reese’s Puff


Top Row: Cherry Coke; Peanut Butter Cup

Bottom Row: Red Velvet; Tropical Paradise


Top Row: Salted Caramel; German Chocolate

Bottom Row: Chocolate Marshmallow, Butterfinger


Top Row: Caramel Toffee Pecan; Yolo Rolo

Bottom Row: Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Banana


Top Row: Red Velvet; Birthday Cake

Bottom Row: S’mores; Raspberry Swirl


Top Row: Wedding White; Lemon Meringue

Bottom Row: Almost-a-Donut; Peanut Butter Cup


Top Row: Turtle; French Toast ‘n Bacon

Bottom Row: Peanut Butter Dream; Italian Cream


Top Row: Snickers; Wedding White

Bottom Row: Snickerdoodle; Red Velvet


Top Row: Chocolate Caramel Butter Pecan; Cinnamon Roll

Bottom Row: Espresso; Cherry Coke


Top Row: Triple Peanut Butter; White Chocolate

Bottom Row: Lucky Charms; Butter Cake


Top Row: Red Velvet Chocolate Chip; Cinnamon Vanilla

Bottom Row: Chocolate Overload; Birthday Cake


There you have 30+ cupcake flavor ideas to help you through any creative rut you may encounter! 

Just F.Y.I.– the top selling flavors were: Birthday Cake, Wedding White, Strawberry, Red Velvet, Chocolate Overload, and anything peanut butter!

I hope this list was helpful! Be sure to Pin it so you have it when you need it. Now hop on over and get your free printable order form or check out these must haves for any home bakery!



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