As the great Benjamin Franklin once said;


Let me save you time, allowing you to make more money, by using my Worksheets Packet in your retail or home bakery.


Printable forms, policies, contracts for your home or retail bakery.

I have taken all the hassle out of getting organized!

Stop fiddling with notebooks to jot down orders then forgetting which notebook you used or what page it was on.

Don’t wonder what kind of terms you need for your next wedding cake order.

No more worrying you didn’t get the cakes set up properly at the venue because you didn’t remember to write down instructions.

No losing track of all the options you spoke with the bride about in the wedding consultation or if she paid her consultation fee.

Quit trying to find the time to type up all your policies and order terms.

No more running to your laptop or pulling up your tiny phone screen trying to find a servings guide that includes both party and wedding servings.

Stop wasting time on the quoting process because you don’t have a quick price reference guide.

Being disorganized is a huge factor in losing money. So is poor time management.

 I’ve already created forms to cover all these issues!

The best part? 

Well, I’m not sure which part is the best, because they’re all pretty great!

You can say goodbye to time wasting, money losing, disorganization!

It costs less to purchase these Bakery Worksheets than paying your lowest wage earner to create forms for you!

  Plus, not only are all the forms coordinating, allowing your clients to see how professional you are, but each one is clearly labeled for ease of use and simple to fill out with all the information needed for any order.

The time you save using these premade forms can be better spent on the most important tasks at hand. Don’t waste anymore time trying to create your own worksheets when you could be using that time getting product out the door! 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, there’s one free option and two buying options.

The free basic packet is just as pictured. You get 7 great PDF forms at no cost to you when you subscribe to updates to the blog!

There’s a personalized package, which is less than the cost of paying one minimum wage hour, that includes the forms as pictured. It includes the addition of your own logo and color changes to match. You may handwrite or fill in the variables in Adobe Reader, but they are not editable.

Or, you can purchase the Premium Personalized package!

When you purchase the Premium Personalized package you will send me your logo, bakery name, color theme, and up to 10 changes to the terms/policies pages! 

You get your own personalized packet AND the basic packet for download!


Yes, I love saving time and making money! Send my free download!


What’s this you say? You don’t want to save even more money? You just want to upgrade to the Personalized Worksheets Packet without the additional savings?

That’s okay, too! Get your packet now!