Order Forms for Taking Orders

Now that you’ve learned how to charge for cakes you will need a place to keep track of all those orders!

I decided to make things a bit easier for those of you just starting out (or those who just want to get more organized) and created a printable order form for you.

This is an order form you can use in a retail or home bakery setting. I included all the basics you will need for an everyday order. 

There are areas for customer contact information, prices, due dates, cake flavors, filling options, cake sizes, design notes, and a place for your customer to sign the order form.  I also included an “office use only” section for those in a retail bakery.

When I operated from a storefront I had several employees who took orders.  There were times when orders would get written down wrong or with incomplete notes, prices would be improperly quoted, dates would be transposed, etc.  It was very helpful to know which employee had taken the order so that I could speak with them either about taking orders more carefully or to simply verify information with the one who spoke with the customer. So because of that, I included a place for the order taking individual to initial/sign at the bottom of the page.

I also included a place to write in the last date the customer has to cancel their order to be eligible for any sort of refund.  This important as you should have deposit and cancellation policies in place.  This will be helpful to have for quick reference in case you need to help a customer with cancelling an order.

Another benefit to using this order form is that you can then use these in your order prep area.  As I mentioned before, when I had the storefront I used a large dry erase board (although a bulletin board would have been ideal) and taped each order to it.  Then all the information was right there for me to see directly from the original order form.  No worrying about transferring information incorrectly. Once you’re finished with the order you can then move the form to a folder for finished orders.

Let me know in the comments if there’s anything I forgot or if you have questions about any of the sections included on the form.

You can find this order form and 6 others to make your bakery run smoother in the Bakery Worksheets Packet.

*Please note, this form is no longer available on it’s own, but you can check out all the new options, including a fully editable version and bonus pages, here!

Printable forms, policies, contracts for your home or retail bakery.


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