Stabilized Sweetened Whipped Cream

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Do you avoid making whipped cream for the fear of it turning to weepy puddles before you can serve your beautiful dessert?

Do you wish you could make a batch of that sweet, creamy goodness to keep in the refrigerator to use as a topping for your coffee, hot cocoa, or even fruit without worrying that it will just turn into a soggy mess before it’s gone?

No more weepy, soggy whipped cream!Stabilized Sweetened Whipped Cream Recipe
No more weepy, soggy whipped cream!

Well today I have a recipe for you that will solve your soggy, weepy puddle issues!

Stabilized Whipped Cream is so easy to make and it will extend the cream’s life by days (who can resist whipped cream for days?!) if you so need!

The gelatin in this recipe is the key!  If using plain gelatin it will not change the color or flavor of your whipped cream. It will only add longevity to your finished product!