Christmas Cracker Toffee

If you are a fan of crunchy sweet caramely goodness, then you will love this recipe for Christmas Cracker Toffee.     This isn’t ordinary toffee, as the name implies.  This is a recipe you’ve probably seen before actually. It’s all over Pinterest and Facebook. But there’s just one thing that really gets me about… Read More Christmas Cracker Toffee


Double Chocolate Fudge

Who doesn’t love fudge?! In my opinion, it is the best candy in a Christmas goody tin. Especially Double Chocolate Fudge. Double Chocolate Fudge is two layers of yummy goodness! It is also really simple to make which is the best part of all!     This recipe for Double Chocolate Fudge only uses a… Read More Double Chocolate Fudge


Cherry Pie Filling

This is a recipe for a super simple cherry pie filling using fresh, ripe cherries!   Be sure to use fresh, ripe cherries for this recipe to ensure the best flavor. This recipe is fool proof so don’t be intimidated by making your own pie filling. After you whip up this filling head over and check… Read More Cherry Pie Filling


Caramel Peanut Clusters

I stood staring into my pantry late last night, trying to figure out what I was craving. I nearly gave up finding a snack and thought I’d resign myself to going to bed instead. I went back to my room and plopped down onto the edge of the bed to only find that the hubs had decided… Read More Caramel Peanut Clusters

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Stabilized Sweetened Whipped Cream

Do you avoid making whipped cream for the fear of it turning to weepy puddles before you can serve your beautiful dessert? Do you wish you could make a batch of that sweet, creamy goodness to keep in the refrigerator to use as a topping for your coffee, hot cocoa, or even fruit without worrying that… Read More Stabilized Sweetened Whipped Cream