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The Baker’s Corner

Would you like to be featured in The Baker’s Corner Newsletter?

 I’m on the hunt for bakers who would like to be featured in The Baker’s Corner Newsletter! 

Do you want to inspire and help other bakers with your story?

As bakers from (literally) all around the world have reached out to me, I’ve realized while I love sharing my point of view and experiences with you all, my story is only ONE of MILLIONS!

I know everyone has their own story and I’d like to give you the opportunity to share it too!

Apply Now.

What It’s About

The Baker’s Corner will include stories from home and retail bakers alike, who would like to talk about their experiences.

We’ll be covering many topics:

  • how you became a baker
  • steps you took to start your business
  • dreams of owning a shop of your own
  • goals and how you plan to achieve them
  • struggles and how you overcame them
  • what it’s like to work from home
  • what it’s like to work from a shop
  • how you grew your business 
  • how you made your business successful
  • things you’d do differently
  • things you wish you knew before you went into business
  • your achievements and your failures
  • tips for others who want to become bakers
  • what it’s like to operate a business from your part of the world

If you think you’d like to be one of the bakers featured in The Baker’s Corner, simply sign up for the newsletter then submit your questionnaire responses!

Once I receive your submission I’ll be in contact to inform you of when you will be featured. It will be a fun, laid back process that will consist of only a few emails. I’ll do all the writing and editing so don’t be worried about that! I just want to feature you and your amazing story!

Apply Now.

You won’t be sharing just your story with worldwide readers… 

When you’re featured in The Baker’s Corner it won’t only feature your story, but also your business, any social media accounts, and website/blog you operate. It will go out to every subscriber to the blog!

Over time we’ll create a directory right on the site, of all the bakers who have participated in The Baker’s Corner Newsletter, for quick, easy access to anyone visiting the site or searching the web. 

I’m so excited to start this newsletter and I hope you’re all ready to share! 

Submit your completed application now!

Click here or the image to begin!

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