Things are Changing!

Out with the old, in with the new.

When I started this blog I was torn between what to focus on. 

I wanted to share my views and experiences of being a bakery owner; while at the same time sharing my story about my health issues, along with the holistic nutrition and natural remedies I was using to help my body heal.
Hence the name of the blog was born: Cautiously Optimistic Kitchen; as this was all a new concept to me, I was cautiously optimistic that my holistic remedies were going to help me feel better! 

In the beginning, I posted Gluten Free recipes and a few other health-related blog posts, but it was the bakery posts that drove the most traffic. Because of this, I chose to concentrate on the bakery advice side of the blog. I was able to grow from only tens of readers to thousands of readers in just a short amount of time.

But, after a year of trying to concentrate on the bakery advice side of the blog, I have realized it’s just not what I’m passionate about anymore. I’ve been relatively absent the last few months and here’s the reason why…

Finally, a diagnosis!

After years of struggling with trying to find out what was creating my health issues on my own, using different techniques, having tests run, and hours upon hours of research, I finally have a diagnosis!

I highly suspected I was gluten intolerant and hypothyroid for a very long time, but I recently underwent the correct series of tests and my suspicions were confirmed: I was indeed hypothyroid and gluten intolerant!

With this confirmation, I dove deeper into my research to cure myself of both of my ailments. After evaluating how much time I was spending on this research (which is why I haven’t been updating the blog) I decided I should take it up a notch. Why keep all this valuable information to myself? Why limit myself to only information I could find online? 

That’s when I made the decision to return to school to complete my abandoned degree (kids!) and become a Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner!

After weeks of speaking to several schools and finding the right program that matched my nutritional philosophy, I finally selected Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I am so excited about this program and would highly recommend looking into this school if you are interested in this type of career path as well. 

Now what?

Once I complete my program in June 2019 I will be starting a new practice to help others take control of their lives, health, and overall wellbeing. 

In the meantime I will be spending 20-30 hours a week on education and my time will be very limited.  I will not be posting any new bakery information. I will, however, continue to keep the existing blog content up.


Thank you!

I want to take a moment to thank you all as well. My readers have been amazing over the last year! I have emailed with many of you, getting to know about your concerns and doling out advice, as well as making new friends along the way. 

Please don’t hesitate to continue to email me your questions about your bakery business. I am still a baker at heart, and I am more than happy to help you in any way I can, whether that be with your health or your bakery. However, please keep in mind it may take me quite a while to get back with you as I don’t check the blog or my email often. 


I hope you continue to visit and I look forward to where this new journey shall take us!




5 thoughts on “Things are Changing!”

  1. I am so excited for your new direction. I am literally in the exact same boat trying to figure out the gluten intolerant/hypothyroidism/EBV business going on in my body. I can’t wait to read your new blog posts. AND I am super excited to see that you are still keeping all your valuable information on the bakery side of things as I need to continue reading through them. Good luck with your future endeavors.

    1. Amy,
      Thank you so much for the support! I’m beyond excited to begin helping others feel better too! Hopefully on this journey of healing and learning I can be of some help to others in similar situations as myself. I’m so happy you are finding the bakery information useful. I hope to continue to see you around the blog! -Tina

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