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Free Bakery Worksheets Packet

Bakery Worksheets Packet

 I’m so excited to present the new coordinating bakery worksheets packet made just for you!

If you’re a subscriber you’ve seen my teasers for this packet in the weekly update you receive.  If you aren’t a subscriber… You may want to become one! I am offering this basic Bakery Worksheets Packet FREE, and a special 20% discount on the personalized packets, to all new subscribers now through September 1st, 2017!

Printable forms, policies, contracts for your home or retail bakery.

What exactly do you get in this packet?

You will receive 7 coordinating PDF files:

Order Form

includes fillable blanks for customer information, flavors, cake servings, messages, design details, and customer signature.

Consultation Form

includes fillable blanks for customer information, flavors, cake servings, and columns for 3 separate design options with quotes. 

Cake Delivery Form

includes fillable blanks for customer information, delivery times, delivery address, setup instructions, customer signature area.

Wedding Cake Contract

order terms including liability release statements for allergens, damages and photography, as well as deposit, payment, and cancellation information. Includes customer signature area. 

Base Pricing Sheet

includes popular cake sizes with area to fill in servings per cake and starting base price for each cake size for quick reference when creating quotes.

Servings Guide Chart

easy reference servings guide for round and square cake tiers, party servings and wedding cake servings.

Order Terms- 

policies for deposits, payments/due dates, refunds, and liability release for all cake orders with customer signature area.

Why do you need these forms?

The Bakery Worksheets Packet is a great way to be more organized, streamline your ordering process, and look more professional.  I have designed coordinating forms for ease of use and simplicity.

No need to fiddle with finding a notebook to jot down notes or trying to remember all the information you need to get from a customer. These forms make keeping up with customers a breeze, from consultation to delivery. 

It is good business practice to have general policies in place to let your customer know how you do business, let them know what they can expect from you as well as what you expect from them. It can help reduce confusion in the ordering process, cut back on customers stiffing you, and allows for open communication while building trust and confidence, creating loyal customers.

Save yourself the hassle of creating your own and valuable time by using these premade worksheets; spending it doing what really matters most. Creating your beautiful baked creations!

What are my options?

There’s one free option and two buying options for the Bakery Worksheets Packet.

Free Option: Basic Bakery Worksheets 

This option is generic, with no branding. It comes in the colors you see in the picture above.  The policies, contract, and pricing worksheet have fill in the blank areas for you to input the type of deposit required, servings of cake, and prices for each size cake, number of days allowed to make payments, etc. Those blanks may be filled in by handwriting or using Adobe Reader and using the “add text” selection. You may print whichever forms you would like and make as many copies of them that you need at anytime.

Option 1: Personalized Bakery Worksheets $7.99

With this option you will send me your logo (PNG or JPG) or your bakery name to replace the generic label on the packets. You may also change your color scheme with up to 2 colors. After purchase you will email me your changes. You will receive the basic packet and the personalized packet.

Option 2: Premium Personalized Bakery Worksheets $24.99 

This option allows you to send me your logo (PNG or JPG), custom colors, tagline, and bakery name to customize your forms. I can add the number of servings, prices, deposit amounts, number of days to make payments, etc that you require. You may also submit up to 10 changes in terms, policies, or variables that you would like made to the documents. The overall design can not be changed only personalized in the ways previously listed. You will receive the generic version and the personalized version.  Once you purchase the Personalized option you only need to email me the information you would like changed. I will only make changes one time, so please include all the information you would need personalized. You may print whichever forms you would like and make as many copies of them that you need at anytime.

There are no refunds on digital downloads.

Don’t waste any more time; get your Bakery Worksheets Packet now!

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6 thoughts on “Free Bakery Worksheets Packet

  1. Im trying to subscribe and download the order forms but it’s not working .I could really use these as Im opening a bakery in February and i have found your blogs very useful.

    1. Hi there! I’m not sure why things aren’t working. I have checked and updated my subscriber opt-in plugin so hopefully that fixes it. I will email you a copy to the email you have privately submitted to comment here. I also will look into finding another way to make the downloads accessible as I don’t feel it’s fair to have everyone continue subscribing to a blog about baking as it’s going to be headed in a new direction soon! Thanks for stopping by, I hope the worksheets are of use to you as well! -Tina

  2. I tried to subscribe to download the free files but for some reason it’s not going through. Any other way I can take a look at these? They look like a great resource!

    1. Hi Molly! So sorry you had trouble getting subscribed. I’m glad you mentioned it, because I checked my settings and I accidentally had the auto emails on pause! I have fixed the issue and it should be up and working once again. I hope you are able to use the forms and that they are helpful to you! Thanks for stopping by! -Tina

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